Our Principles

We create products and services that benefit people and give them new opportunities in their lives. Yandex products and services are never created for the sole purpose of making money.
We do our best to create services based on aggregated data, such as web pages or user reviews, to reflect the reality as objectively, completely and accurately as possible.
Our work is based on the principles of honesty and transparency. We assume that any internal conversation, document or source code may become public at any point, and if this happens, we have nothing to be sorry for.
Our users are our first priority. They are the ones we work and make our products and services for. These aren’t just the people who turn to Yandex with everyday tasks, but also our partners: stores, restaurants, couriers, drivers and content creators, to name a few. They are all Yandex users.
When developing products and services used by millions of people, it is our responsibility to maximize their benefit and minimize the risk of harm. As part of this policy, we invest a lot in developing anti-spam, anti-fraud and many other ‘anti-something’ solutions.
We develop products and services individually for each market that we operate in, taking into account local legislation, culture, and language: this is what we call ‘trans-locality’.
Technology is our core competence. Yandex creates products and services based on technology. When developing a new product or service, we first look at how additional value can be created using technology.
We are not afraid to admit our mistakes and close down something that doesn’t work. Creating new high-quality products is more important than avoiding mistakes.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to have a laugh, first and foremost, at ourselves.

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