Our Principles

Our goal is for our services to remain relevant and to benefit people over the long term. To do this we create services that will generate profit – if a service is profitable, it means people need it.
We continue to develop some services even though they will never become profitable. We do this because we believe that they are valuable and useful to people.
Yandex develops products and services for business in general. We do not develop products or services that are ‘made-to-order’ for individual companies or organizations.
We do not cheat or mislead our users to make a profit.
Yandex does not create services that monetize through sweepstake or casino models, nor do we advertise casinos, sweepstakes, pyramid schemes, or other zero- and negative-sum games.

Yandex LLC

Head office in Russia: Moscow

Head office
16, Leo Tolstoy St., Moscow, Russia 119021
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Yandex N.V.

Registered office in Amsterdam

Schiphol Boulevard 165, 1118 BG Schiphol, The Netherlands
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