Our Principles

Yandex employees may have different political or religious views and persuasions. The products and services that we make, however, don’t have any persuasion or political overtones. Yandex products and services work equally well for everyone. We do not create products or services that discriminate on political, racial, religious, or any other grounds.
Yandex is open to dialogue with the public and the state. To listen to people and respond to public requests, so long as they are lawful, is essential for the development of Yandex.
We comply with the laws of each country that we operate in and try to constructively contribute to any proposed legislation that concerns technology or the market.
Government agencies have access to the same Yandex products and services as everyone else on the market. Our interaction with government agencies is based on the same principles and defined by the same terms and conditions (including pricing) as our customer relations. We do not alter our existing products or services, nor do we develop special solutions, on request by the government.
We do not develop technology for military purposes.
It is hard to draw a clear line between personal opinion and the company's official position on social networks or other communication platforms. This is why Yandex executives do not make public comments on political topics. This does not apply to any other Yandex employee, whose public statements can only be regarded as their personal opinion, and not the position of the company.
We develop services in emergency situations, which provide essential information to ensure people’s safety.

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