October 9, 2007

Yandex Became a Local Site for its Users in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, October 12, 2007. Yandex is now positioned as a local resource in Novosibirsk. The company has set up its networking equipment within the Novosibirsk Internet Exchange Point (NSK IX) and now allows local internet providers to give their users free access to the Yandex services like if it was a local resource. This Novosibirsk Internet Exchange Point serves a base for direct and free traffic exchange between Yandex and most of the local internet providers.

“For many cities in Russia, Internet providers classify web sites into two groups: local and other. As a result, most of the web sites that are not positioned as local ones cause problems for Internet users, hampering access times to the sites and causing increased cost to the user,” says Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex. “We’ve brought Yandex to Novosibirsk in order to solve these problems for users. We seek the assistance of local providers on this task. The speed and cost of user access to all Yandex resources will depend solely on their cooperation.”

Providers, who are ready to include all of the resources Yandex provides into their local payment plans, are offered free traffic and advertising support from Yandex.

Today, Yandex also announces the launch of a Novosibirsk satellite map search through its Yandex.Maps service. Clients of Yandex’s partner providers, who use traffic consuming services, like Maps, Pictures and Narod (free hosing service) will immediately notice the changes in the quality of access to Yandex’s services.

Providers are welcome to send their ideas on how to increase Yandex’s accessibility for their users or about other forms of partnership to noc@yandex-team.ru.

Elena Kolmanovskaya, Chief Editor
Michael Ushakov, Head of Yandex PR
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E-mail: pr@yandex-team.ru

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