August 27, 2007

Yandex.Mail Goes Mobile

Internet, August 27, 2007. Yandex launches email service for smartphones, communicators, and PDAs. The service is compatible with all modern types of mobile browsers. Gadget owners will experience a «compact» email service at the usual address (or, yet shorter,, and for those who use a regular browser, the service is available at

Yandex.Mail in its mobile version has usability comparable to its desktop version Besides sending and receiving emails, a user can also search the archive, and edit the address book.

The mobile Yandex.Mail makes it possible to work fast and easy with multimedia content, which is customary for a smartphone or communicator user. The owner of the device can send by Mail the pictures taken with the built-in camera, or download the new ringing tunes from the files attached to the incoming emails.

The new project is another item on the list of mobile services of Yandex. At the moment, these services and projects are compatible with mobile browsers: Search, Catalog, Maps (including the map of traffic jams in Moscow), Dictionaries, Afisha (list of playbills), Weather, TV Program, Blog Search, Money (payment system), Market (comparison shopping system), and WiFi.

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