November 28, 2006

Yandex Cup Final Will Go Live on O2TV

Internet, November 28, 2006. The second round of Yandex Cup VII in Internet Search is finished. Nine contestants — from Russia, Belarus, and Switzerland — made it to the final. The names of the finalists and the results table for the second tour of the Cup are shown on this page.

In the second round, the participants got two types of tasks: document search and image search. The tasks that turned out the most difficult were finding “a poster on adverse effect of alcohol with six paragraphs, printed in 1988” (no correct answer) and a picture of “handcuffs that were abolished in Great Britain, but recommended for use in the wild parts of South America” (one correct answer).

Those who wish to put themselves in the shoes of the participants of the Cup’s second round can play a practice game —, which features all the questions of the second round in “battle mode”.

Traditionally, the ninth “ticket” to the final game was allotted to one of the twenty players following the first eight in the ranking of the strongest contestants. This year, the players were not required to participate in the draw in person. This approach boosted the chances of contestants from cities other than Moscow; the winner of the draw was a player from Krasnoyarsk, who ranked 28th in the second tour of Yandex Cup.

The final game of Yandex Cup VII will be held on the first youth TV channel O2TV on December 7, 2006 and will be broadcast live. The best player will get the title of “the Man Who Found Everything“ and RUB 601,000.

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