July 6, 2006

Search in the City You Live in

Internet, July 6, 2006. A million and more web-sites in the Russian Internet have geography — i.e. they offer news, goods, services, and communication opportunities to people specifically in their respective regions. Yandex automatically collects this information and uses it in the new version of regional search.

Starting today, the majority of sites of companies and organizations “of local significance” in Yandex search are marched to a region in Russia. By limiting the search to location of residence, a user can find all sites known to Yandex and meeting the query — and in the region he/she lives in.

“Regional search used to be based on manually collected Yandex.Catalog data,” explains Search Technologies Department developer Alexey Pyalling. “The new automated procedure made it possible to classify about 46% of the search base, resulting in a tenfold increase in the number of geographically classified sites. Presently, this covers virtually all sites that can be regarded as ‘local’.”

To date, Yandex search engine robot matches web-sites with a thousand cities and towns in Russia. Ukrainian cities are coming next.

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