December 11, 2007

Yandex Gives its Users Expanded Image Search Capabilities

Internet, December 11, 2007. Yandex announced today that its Yandex.Images service is now able to search for images beyond the bounds of the Russian Internet. Yandex users can now view more search results for queries in most European languages thanks to a new partnership with Picsearch, image and multimedia search provider.

Yandex users will also have the ability to perform advanced searches within Yandex.Images. The advanced search feature allows for very specific querying such as searching by a predominant color, searching for photos only, and searching by urls as well as wrapping text (see sample queries below).

Now, for queries in English or other languages, the Yandex.Images search will also display search results aggregated by Picsearch. This enables Yandex users to view more images while having the ability to navigate through almost the whole Internet.

The Yandex.Images service was launched in 2002, and the new version of Yandex.Images was released this fall. The service’s improved algorithm makes it possible to analyze Web pages more thoroughly, and extract more information from an image. Today, Yandex.Images has over 700,000 visitors with more than 2,000,000 queries per day.

Sample queries:

1. yellow submarine

2. Miles Davis kind of blue

3. black holes

4. Christmas trees:

no predominant color

predominant color green

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