The company has announced the details of its corporate restructuring and submitted a proposal to shareholders for approval. Under the proposal, all Russian and Russia-related assets will be divested, and a portfolio of international AI-focused businesses will be retained and developed independently. The company will temporarily be designated as “YNV” and will no longer operate under the Yandex brand. A new name will be announced in due course.
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Our history

Our founders began the development of our search technology in 1989, and launched the website in 1997. Our principal Russian operating subsidiary, Yandex LLC, was formed in 2000, as a wholly owned subsidiary of our former Cypriot parent company. In 2007, we undertook a corporate restructuring, as a result of which Yandex N.V. became the parent company of our group. Yandex N.V. is a Dutch public company with limited liability. Our company became profitable in 2003 and its revenues have been continually growing ever since. In May 2011 Yandex went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the ticker YNDX, and subsequently listed on Moscow Exchange in June 2014.Read more

Our principles

Over the years, we’ve created a set of principles to guide our work. This isn’t a strict code, but guidelines to help us make decisions. This list was created for internal use, but it is also publicly available: anyone who wants can see what matters at Yandex. These principles aren’t set in stone, either. Every now and then, we come back to add a principle or two. So stop by to check for updates.Read more

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