Key Businesses

Search and Portal
Yandex Search
Yandex Search is the leading search engine in Russia that offers almost instantaneous access to the vast range of information available online.
Geo Services
Geolocation Services include Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator.
Yandex Browser
Yandex Browser is the second most popular browser on desktops and the most popular non-native browser on mobile platforms in Russia.
Yandex Q
Yandex Q is a community of experts in science, medicine, economics, education, art, and many other areas of life who share their knowledge with users in a question-and-answer format.
Yandex Weather service, offering hyperlocal, real-time weather information based on our proprietary weather forecasting technology, Meteum 2.0, which handles data processing from thousands of instruments on earth and space (including real-time customer reports), powered by machine learning.
Business Units
Mobility and
The mobility businesses include ride-hailing in Russia and other countries across CIS and EMEA, Yandex Drive, our car-sharing business for both B2C and B2B and scooters.
The E-commerce businesses in Russia and CIS include Yandex Market, our multi-category e-commerce marketplace, Yandex Lavka Russia, our hyperlocal convenience store delivery service, and the grocery delivery services of Yandex Eats and Delivery Club.
Other O2O
Other O2O businesses include Yandex Delivery, our last-mile logistics solution for individuals, enterprises and SMB (small and medium business); Yandex Eats and Delivery Club Food Delivery, our ready-to-eat delivery services from restaurants; Lavka Israel, our hyperlocal convenience store delivery service; Yandex Fuel, our contactless payment service at gas stations; and several smaller experiments.
Plus and
Yandex Plus
Yandex Plus is our subscription service to Yandex Music and Kinopoisk, and includes cashback loyalty points in the Yandex Go app, Yandex Market, Yandex Eats, Yandex Lavka, Yandex Drive, Yandex Afisha and various special offers from other Yandex services.
Yandex Music
Yandex Music is our streaming platform, offering users millions of music tracks and podcasts episodes.
Kinopoisk is one of the leading subscription-based video streaming service in Russia and the largest Russian-language database of movies, TV-shows, celebrity content and entertainment news, providing users with movie ratings, critic and user reviews, personalized recommendations, local movie showtimes, ticketing, and many other services.
Yandex Afisha
Yandex Afisha (“playbill”) allows users to buy tickets to cinemas, theaters and concerts online.
Yandex Studio
Yandex Studio is our own production center, which we launched in 2018 to create video and music content, co-invest in different projects with other production studios and provide marketing support to movies releases.
Classifieds is our classifieds platform for used and new cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and spare parts.
Yandex Realty
Yandex Realty is our real estate classifieds platform for private individuals, developers and realtors.
Yandex Rent
Yandex Rent is a long-term apartment rental platform, which helps to manage pre-contract rental processes and subsequent administration of the payments.
Yandex Travel
Yandex Travel, our travel aggregator service, which allows users to search for flight tickets and hotels, compare prices, as well as offers users an opportunity to purchase train and intercity bus tickets.
Other Business Units and Initiatives
Yandex SDG
Yandex Self Driving Group B.V. (“Yandex SDG”) is our self-driving vehicles business, which includes self-driving cars leveraging Yandex’s world-class technologies, such as AI and machine learning, mapping and real-time navigation and autonomous delivery robot, Yandex Rover, which operates on our self-driving platform adapted for new tasks and driving dynamics.
Yandex Cloud
Yandex Cloud is a full-fledged cloud platform that provides B2B customers (SMBs and enterprises) and individual developers with scalable infrastructure, storage, machine learning and development tools to build and enhance cutting-edge digital services and applications.
Yandex 360 unites our various productivity tools, such as Yandex Mail, Yandex Disk, our cloud-based storage service, Yandex Telemost, our video conferencing service, Yandex Documents, our online documents editor launched in 2021, Yandex Calendar, Yandex Messenger and Yandex Notes to help users with correspondence, time tracking, document management and conferencing services. More features are available with a Yandex 360 subscription, including Yandex 360 for Business, our solution for a virtual team.
Yandex Education
Yandex Education combines our educational projects and services that are used by people of all ages – from first graders to graduate students, from young professionals to those who decided to change their career paths.
Devices and Alice
Devices and Alice include our smart speakers Yandex Station, Yandex Station Mini and Yandex Station Max designed for the Russian market, equipped with our AI voice assistant, Alice, to help users manage their daily tasks and other devices.
Alice is the first conversational intelligent assistant for the Russian market, which helps users with a broad range of inquiries.
Other includes FinTech and number of other experiments as well as unallocated corporate expenses.

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