Yandex Releases New Yandex.Station Mini and Yandex.Module

Yandex has released a new version of its smart speaker Yandex.Station Mini and a streaming media player Yandex.Module. The smallest in a range of the company’s smart speakers with AI-based virtual assistant Alice now features a more powerful sound system and an LED screen. The media streamer, which is compatible with any TV, lets viewers choose from thousands of movies, TV series, internet videos and TV channels and watch them on their television screen. When used together, both devices enable voice control for the smart TV.

New Yandex.Station Mini with improved sound and LED screen

Yandex’s best-selling smart speaker, Yandex.Station Mini, is now available in two versions. The version featuring an LED screen shows the time, weather forecast and other useful information right on its front panel. It now has a 10-Watt speaker (up from 3 Watt in the original model), with a possibility to further enhance the volume and quality of the sound by connecting the smart device to an external audio system via AUX cable. An opportunity to combine two smart speakers to create a stereo effect will become available to everyone later this month.

The new Yandex.Station Mini has improved 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, while gesture control sensors on its top panel have been replaced with touch buttons. The miniature smart speaker is now available in blue and red, in addition to white and black: the same shades as Yandex.Station Max. The version with an LED screen retails at RUB 6,990, which is only RUB 1,000 more than the version without an LED screen. The first buyers of the new Yandex.Station Mini will also receive free Yandex Plus subscription for three months.

The console that smartens up any telly

Yandex.Module gives customers access to watching movies and TV series on the online streaming service KinoPoisk HD. They can also use the streaming media player to view other videos and TV channels available online or listen to their favorite music. Yandex.Module comes with a remote control, which enables voice control through Yandex’s intelligent assistant Alice. It has a built-in microphone that allows users to ask Alice to “find movies with Tom Hanks” or “stream the video in 4K”. The AI-based virtual assistant can search for movies by name, genre, actor, or director and suggest videos based on the viewer’s personal preferences. Yandex.Module supports 4K HDR video and Dolby Vision. Customers can connect the device to their TV simply using an HDMI cable and selecting the Wi-Fi network. Yandex.Module now retails at RUB 4,990, including a free Yandex Plus subscription for one year.  

Smart tandem

Yandex.Module can be coupled with any device in the range of Yandex’s smart speakers to enable voice control for video streaming via the intelligent voice assistant Alice. The smart assistant will also be able to find the remote control when it’s missing. A customer can simply ask Alice to locate it and it will beep in return. Yandex.Module can be linked to Yandex’s smart speaker through the Yandex App.

The new devices are available for pre-order starting from October 5, with a special offer for the pair of devices available until October 14. The streaming media player and the smart speaker with an LED screen will cost RUB 8,990, while a package that includes the smart speaker without an LED screen will sell for RUB 7,990. The offer with a 2,990 ruble discount is limited and will be available until the stocks last. The sales start on Yandex.Market,, OZON, DNS and other home electronics stores across the country on October 15.

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