Yandex Revises Its Policies on Ethics and Business Conduct

Internet, 29 December, 2021. Yandex has updated the Yandex Group’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and introduced a standalone Supplier Code of Conduct. Effective from February 1, 2022, these documents will be used as the basis for the monitoring and management of compliance with the relevant internal policies and procedures. Yandex will inform all applicable stakeholders about the changes before the effective date.

These documents align internal policies with international conventions, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Conventions, as well as underpins Yandex’s focus on sustainable development. The revised Code of Business Ethics and Conduct now includes extended clauses on labor rights, occupational health and safety, sexual harassment, and is complemented by provisions on environmental responsibility. A standalone section now stipulates procedures in place to enforce the Code.

Brand new Supplier Code of Conduct is the extension of the Group’s Code and the result of a revamp of some of its former provisions. It will guide Yandex’s relationships with counterparties by encouraging them to adhere to the very same business principles Yandex adopts for itself. Supplier Code spans provisions on fair business conduct, human rights and freedoms, occupational health and safety as well as environmental stewardship within supply chains.


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