Yandex Appoints Chief Sustainability Officer

Internet, October 26, 2021. Yandex has appointed Dmitry Ivanov as its Chief Sustainability Officer. Prior to this appointment, Dmitry has been an important executive sponsor of a variety of corporate sustainability initiatives and was a coordinator of the Helping Hand, a community initiative launched in 2020 that focuses on leveraging Yandex’s services to assist vulnerable groups across our biggest markets.

“Dmitry’s readiness to play the critical role of Chief Sustainability Officer will take Yandex’s environmental, social, and governance initiatives to an entirely new level,” said John Boynton, Chairman of Yandex. “Our team has created an impressive array of ESG programs over the past few years, and Dmitry’s leadership and understanding of the company’s culture and mission will help establish Yandex as a global leader among its peers. He will help us develop best-in-class practices that will be resilient and transformative.”

Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, Mr. Ivanov will provide executive-level oversight of social and environmental initiatives across various Yandex divisions while also working to identify new opportunities for the application of Yandex’s technologies and resources to drive positive social and environmental impact. He will work alongside Yandex’s sustainability manager as well as the heads of community and educational initiatives.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Ivanov held the positions of Chief Product Officer (2005-2015) and Head of Yandex Zen (since 2015).  As Chief Product Officer, Dmitry was involved in the development of a number of the Company’s most recognized services. After moving into a leadership role at Zen, he helped transform Zen from  a small in-house service to a popular blogging platform with tens of millions of monthly users.

Yandex presented its sustainability agenda in May 2021, which systematized the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects that the Company considers priorities. Yandex reports on its ESG progress in an annual sustainability report.

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