Yandex Launches Smart Speakers With Alice in Azerbaijan

Internet, September 12, 2022. Yandex has officially launched sales of a line of speakers and smart home devices with Alice in Azerbaijan. Users in this country can now purchase smart speakers from local retailers. Upon buying a Yandex Station, users will receive a Yandex Plus subscription.

A single Yandex Plus subscription allows you to put on music, podcasts, or playlists with personal recommendations on Yandex Station. The voice assistant, Alice, can play a fairy tale for a child or compose her own. She tells you what the weather is like outside, reminds you to walk your dog, and sets the alarm clock. Or, she can simply carry on a conversation in Russian: currently, this is the only language she speaks. In addition, Alice helps you control smart devices through the "Home with Alice" mobile app. For example, if you forget to turn off the lights in the hallway before going to bed, you can ask Alice to do it.

Coupled with the start of smart speaker sales, a user support service and a warranty service center are being introduced in Azerbaijan.

Now the line of smart speakers with Alice includes Station Lite, the updated Station Mini, the Second-Generation Station, and Station Max. The devices can be found at Kontact Home, Baku Electronics, Irshad Electronics, and other retailers. Yandex Station Lite starts at 129 manats, the updated Station Mini (without a clock) starts at a price of 179 manats, and the version with a clock — at 209 manats. Station Max starts at 699 manats, and the Second-Generation Station starts at 429 manats. Smart home devices are available for a starting price of 49 manats.

More information is available on the Yandex Station and smart home websites.


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