Yandex Introduces a Lineup of Smart TVs With Alice

Yandex Introduces a Lineup of Smart TVs With Alice

You can control the devices with your voice using a TV remote or a Yandex Station

Internet, 25 October 2022. Yandex has introduced its first Smart TV with Alice. The device includes a voice assistant and supports 4K Ultra HD resolution. Users have access to a huge selection of movies and shows from various streaming platforms, videos from the web, and TV channels.

The main screen of Yandex TV with Alice is different from a Smart TV: the smart TV recommends movies and shows based on the user’s preferences. Alice lives inside with all her usual functions. She helps to control the device with voice commands, and you can ask her to turn on the TV, find a movie, pause it, or turn the volume up. With Alice, it’s also more convenient to pick video content: she has learned to search for movies on several video platforms at once — for example, by director. What is more, Alice can tell fun facts about your favorite actors.

“Having released smart speakers and various devices running on the Yandex TV platform, we realized how Alice can make interacting with the TV even more convenient. People are used to Alice and want to see her on the devices they spend a lot of time with. We used the accumulated experience and close integration with our own and partner services to develop the first Yandex Smart TV. For us, this is another category with which we would like to make people's homes smart," said Sergey Melnik, head of Alice and Yandex Smart Devices.

The Alice Smart Devices Ecosystem

Yandex Smart TV is a part of the Alice Smart Devices ecosystem. The TV works with voice commands made through the remote and or a paired Yandex Station. You can create your own scenarios with other smart devices and tune them in the “Smart Home With Alice” mobile app.

For instance, you can close the curtains and dim the lights with just one voice command. Or, you can set up a motion detector in the hallway to react when you come home: the living room TV will immediately put on your favorite show or play a relaxing tune. Also, if you ask Alice about the weather or road traffic, she will display the info on big screen.

Yandex Smart TV is awake even in sleep mode — you can turn it on right away using the remote, your voice or the “Smart Home With Alice” app.

The Design 

Yandex TVs employ a frameless design with an elegant, subtle bezel that doesn’t distract from the movie and helps achieve maximum immersion.

Thanks to accentuated metallic legs, the device almost hovers in the air and will effortlessly blend into any interior. The port cutouts are discreetly located on the back cover, making it easier to connect outside sources.

Technical Characteristics

The TVs are available in two sizes: 43 inches (109.2 cm) and 50 inches (127 cm). The matrices of Yandex Smart TVs have a high contrast ratio of 5000:1, dynamic scenes are clear, and static ones are bright and natural. We achieved high brightness and dynamic contrast with the help of enhanced calibration of the image and colors.

Yandex has also worked on the sound: the amplifier and speakers were fine-tuned by professional acoustic engineers with extensive experience working on smart speakers. Dolby Audio technology provides rich multi-channel surround sound with a wide dynamic range.

The TV model lineup includes six devices. The first two are arriving on November 8. The rest will launch in the first half of 2023


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