Yandex introduces TV Stations, a fusion of TV and smart speaker technology

Yandex has unveiled the TV Station and TV Station Pro. These are a new category of TVs combining an Alice-powered smart speaker with a smart TV. You can now enjoy Ultra HD (4K) video, billions of color tones, the Station“s features, and remote-free voice control — all within a single device. The TV Station comes in 43 and 50-inch screen sizes, whereas the TV Station Pro is available in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes. Pre-orders begin today.

‘We believe that full voice control is set to become the standard for modern TVs. It‘s a whole new level of convenience when you don‘t need to have a remote at hand. With Alice, controlling your TV becomes as effortless as interacting with a smart speaker,’ says Sergey Melnik, Head of Alice and Smart Devices at Yandex.

The standout feature of the TV Station is its Local Dimming technology, which accentuates the depth of blacks, making dark scenes pop with contrast. On the other hand, the TV Station Pro boasts a QLED screen with an anti-glare coating, ensuring vivid and crisp visuals regardless of room lighting. This model‘s ultra-slim design, measuring just 3.7 cm in thickness, allows it to sit almost flush against the wall, creating an illusion of a live canvas.

Thanks to the Far-field voice recognition technology, the new TVs can be controlled without a remote. Whether you wish to change channels, adjust the volume, or look up a movie, simply speak your command. Even with the screen off, the TV remains responsive. For instance, you can ask Alice to play the playlist of the day, set a timer, or adjust the lighting. Every feature of the Station series is incorporated into these new models.

The TV Station and TV Station Pro deliver clear and powerful sound without the need for external speakers. The TV Station has four speakers with a combined 34 watts of power, while the Pro variant houses six speakers with a total output of 44 watts. They cover a wide range of frequencies and provide a full-bodied, balanced audio experience, letting you enjoy music in excellent quality and fully immerse yourself in movies.

The 43-inch Yandex TV Station is priced at 44,990 rubles, and the 50-inch variant at 49,990 rubles. The cost of the TV Station Pro with 55 and 65-inch screens is 74,990 and 99,990 rubles, respectively. Early bird customers pre-ordering these TVs will also receive a Plus subscription, lasting 12 or 30 months, based on the chosen model.

Photos and videos of the new televisions are available via this link.


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