Yandex makes the YandexGPT API available for all users worldwide

Yandex unlocks access to the YandexGPT API via Yandex Cloud to all businesses globally.

Alexander Popovskiy,
VP of Strategy at Yandex Search

We're excited to develop the products and services of our ecosystem for users across the globe. Yandex places particular value in creating helpful solutions that help companies automate their business processes and make the most of our technologies. Our hope is that this investment will prove invaluable to the digital community.

YandexGPT API features a large asynchronous model that's suited for solving complex text-related tasks. A simpler model for processing real-time queries, which includes responding to search queries and user questions, is also available.

The platform also offers a library of prompts for the most common ways businesses leverage the neural network. Prompts are prewritten text queries that help simplify and accelerate specific GPT use cases: for instance, generating a title for an article or writing an ad text. The API also integrates with open-source libraries.

Oleg Koverznev,
Chief of Business at Yandex Cloud

After we finished testing and doing pilot runs for the YandexGPT API, we realized there was huge interest and a broad range of applications. Some companies go beyond automating specific business processes and use the neural network to develop IT products. We're happy to share the expertise we've built, minimizing time to market and maximizing productivity for these types of projects.

As the YandexGPT API was being tested, more than 20,000 applications were submitted, primarily from the IT, retail, and banking sectors. Some retail chains, for example, use Smart-Reply.AI, which comes with the YandexGPT API built in. It provides automated answers to the questions customers ask on marketplaces and replies to their product reviews. Other companies have been testing the YandexGPT API as a solution for automating voice-based use cases at call centers. The neural network helps them tag telephone queries from customers and get robots set up with the most relevant responses to help users across dozens of use cases. Employees have their job done for them, whether that's transcribing a call with a buyer, filling out order details, writing a post, setting tasks, or editing text. 

The YandexGPT API is a Yandex Cloud service that unlocks the capabilities of generative language models for use in business apps and web services. YandexGPT 2, the latest version, is already available. Companies can also train the technology using their own data, and the service's chat mode supports text dialog and remembers conversation context. In addition, YandexGPT uses embeddings in cloud environments, making it possible to work with vector databases and text data clustering. The YandexGPT API pricing and rates are available on the Yandex Cloud website.


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