Yandex open-sources DataLens, its system for data analysis and visualization

Yandex Cloud, the cloud platform of Yandex, has published the source code of DataLens.  This Business Intelligence (BI) system serves as the backbone for numerous Yandex services and thousands of external companies within the cloud infrastructure. Now anyone can use it and tailor it for their unique needs.

DataLens is a versatile solution for a wide range of data analysis and visualization tasks. It enables the creation of dashboards for monitoring key business metrics and provides collaborative access to analytics. In 2023, the number of DataLens users on the cloud platform tripled, with tens of thousands of users relying on the tool for tasks spanning the retail, fintech, and IT sectors.

DataLens is a scalable BI system that can be flexibly integrated with other open source Yandex products. For a more in-depth understanding of DataLens' origin story and its capabilities, you can find further details on Yandex's Medium blog.

“Publishing source codes is an important step in the development of DataLens and represents another contribution to the world of open-source software from the Yandex Cloud team. This BI system is not only a corporate standard at Yandex but also transcends its boundaries. We believe that openness will accelerate product development, expand application scenarios, and attract new contributors,” said Grigory Atrepiev, CPO of Yandex Cloud.

DataLens source code and documentation are available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. The BI community is invited to take part in the product's evolution. More information about the release of DataLens into open source can be found at


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