The first Alice-powered smart display: Yandex unveils its collab with Xiaomi

The new Xiaomi smart display with Alice — the product of Yandex’s first-ever collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer — is now available to preorder. The device can be used to stream videos and music, manage smart home devices, make calls, and more. One of the great things about the new smart display is that you can both hear Alice’s responses and see them on the screen. Xiaomi developed the hardware components, and Yandex provided the software, making it the first Alice-powered smart display on the market.

The device can be controlled with voice commands or via the 10-inch touchscreen display. It’s a highly versatile screen that can play your favorite TV show while you’re chopping vegetables in the kitchen or entertain you with Alice’s witty commentary while you’re tidying up the nursery. You can ask Alice to put on music, set a timer, or find information online. She’ll respond out loud and provide visual feedback, showing the weather forecast or your restaurant recommendations on the screen.

The display also acts as a hub for your smart home devices: you can ask Alice to turn on the light or start your robot vacuum. The device is compatible with various Xiaomi devices, from bulbs and sensors to humidifiers.

The smart display also has a camera, which means you can make Telegram video calls and stay in touch with friends and family. Just tell Alice who you’d like to call, and she’ll connect you. Once you’re off the call, simply slide the built-in cover over the camera. 

The Xiaomi Smart Display with Alice is priced at 21,990 rubles, but lower prices are available for early purchasers. You can preorder the device for 18,990 rubles (7–13 September) or get it for 19,990 rubles during the first week of sales (14–20 September). The Smart Display will be available for purchase at authorized Xiaomi stores and electronics stores like M.Video, Technopark, DNS, and more. You’ll also get a free three-month subscription to Yandex Plus with Amediateka with your purchase.

Photos of the device can be found here.


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