Yandex presents the latest version of its language model: YandexGPT 2

Yandex has launched YandexGPT 2. The new language model has greater generative potential than the first version of the neural network launched in May 2023, and the quality of its answers has improved significantly. YandexGPT 2 is currently available to users in Russia.

YandexGPT 2 can adapt answers to different audiences and rewrite them in different styles and genres. For example, it can explain a complex term to a child in a simple way, or write an email with new company rules for internal employee use. YandexGPT 2 can analyze user prompts with texts up to a thousand characters, answer questions, and structure information.

To evaluate the quality of YandexGPT 2 responses, both versions of the model responded to the same prompts. Then Yandex AI trainers compared the results based on a number of factors, including accuracy, completeness, factual correctness, grammar and style, and more. YandexGPT 2 responds better in 67% of cases.

Improved response rates of YandexGPT 2 compared to the previous model:

  • Text generation — 69%.
  • Text summarization and analysis — 68%.
  • Idea generation — 66%.
  • Text stylization based on specific audience or character — 62%.
  • Factual inquiries — 62%.

To create YandexGPT 2, the Yandex team increased the number of model parameters and improved the training process. The developers also focused on improving the quality of the dataset, supplementing it with new prompt examples and synthetic data (artificially generated material based on real information).

In Russia, YandexGPT 2 is available to users of devices and services that support smart assistant Alice — Yandex Stations, TVs with Alice, Yandex Browser, and the Yandex Search results page.

 What is the YandexGPT generative neural network?

YandexGPT is a large language model that Yandex launched in May 2023. The neural network can generate and process text, perform tasks, suggest new ideas, and take context into account when chatting with users. It summarizes articles in Yandex Browser, consolidates information from product reviews in Yandex Search and Yandex  Market, and helps create product descriptions for Yandex Market sellers.

You can test out the neural network for your own business by applying here to access the API. The database that YandexGPT 2 was trained on is limited to March 2023.

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