Yandex introduces Telegram channel monetisation through its own advertising network

Now, owners of Telegram channels, including those with as few as two thousand subscribers, can connect them to the Yandex Advertising Network and monetize content through advertising.

Internet, July 12, 2023 – Yandex, one of Europe's leading technology companies, has begun testing a new tool for advertising placement in Telegram channels. With over 350,000 advertisers using Yandex Advertising Network and an impressive average of 4.5 billion daily ad placements, Yandex offers comprehensive advertising solutions in 50 countries worldwide. Building on this extensive experience, Yandex has now integrated its effective advertising platform with Telegram, the popular messenger, providing an opportunity for channel owners to monetize their content.

With an impressive global monthly active user base exceeding 700 million, Telegram has emerged as a popular messaging platform that connects people from around the world. Unlike other closed platforms, Telegram is open for external integrations. This makes it possible to build an external monetization solution and enable channels to earn more by investing in creating new content for users.

Leveraging Yandex's expertise in delivering targeted advertisements, the company has adapted its proprietary solutions to cater specifically to the messaging service of Telegram. By using Yandex's advanced advertising algorithms, Yandex ensures that ads are placed as effectively as possible. This integration provides advertisers with a transparent system that ensures fair auctions and payment for real clicks. 

Moreover, integration eliminates the need for manual channel selection, Yandex's neural networks take into account the channel's theme and find ads that match the interests of its audience. This automated process saves time and resources for both channel owners and advertisers, enabling them to focus on delivering engaging content and reaching their target audience.

Advertising posts will be placed by a bot, developed by Yandex; all it requires is permission to publish messages.The channel owner has full control over the frequency and timing of ad displays. Even channels with very specific topics or those that are just beginning to gain popularity can now generate revenue through advertising.

Yandex has already started accepting applications for participation in the testing phase from channel owners and advertisers. The channel must have a minimum of two thousand subscribers and the content should adhere to the laws and rules of the Yandex Advertising Network.

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