Yandex open sources Yandex Metrica tag

Internet, February 17, 2023. Yandex has published the source code of its Yandex Metrica tag, which works on hundreds of thousands of websites every day and is used for websites analytics. The tag's code is now available for review, modification, and use in any developer's applications. The tag has an Apache 2.0 license.

 The tag is the key component of Yandex Metrica. The source code contains all of the tag's essential functions, except for certain proprietary modules, such as Session Replay. Its modular structure allows developers to choose which functions to include and add new ones based on specific requirements such as data volume, site performance, and other metrics.

Yandex Metrica ranks among the top five most popular web analytics systems, according to W3Tech, with a 7.5% market share. This makes it one of the most popular systems to have revealed the source code for their tag.

By publishing the tag's code, Yandex is sharing expertise that will enable the developer community to study the principles of website analytics and help improve Yandex Metrica. The open source code makes it possible to customize the tracker for your own tasks and reuse Yandex's experience in other solutions, such as launching analytics for your company's internal corporate system.

Yandex has also made open source some of its other key technologies, such as the YDB DBMS, the CatBoost machine learning library, and userver, a framework for developing high-load applications.

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