Yandex Smart TVs with Alice are now available in Kazakhstan

Yandex Smart TVs equipped with the voice assistant Alice have now made their way to Kazakhstan. The 43-inch model is priced at 169,990 tenges, while the 50-inch model is 199,990 tenges. Both models offer 4K picture quality, great sound, and a stylish design. The viewers will be able to enjoy a wide range of video content while controlling the TV using just their voice.

Superior Picture and Sound Quality

The TVs boast a 4K resolution and high contrast ratio (5000:1), which ensures a crisp and clear picture quality. Additionally, the matrix is calibrated precisely, resulting in bright yet natural colors. The models have a sleek, frameless design, so nothing distracts from your viewing experience. To complement the visuals, the Dolby Audio technology delivers immersive and rich sound. 

Wide Range of Content

Viewers can enjoy not only TV channels but also thousands of movies and TV shows from online streaming services and internet videos. Plus, the TV offers applications for games and other entertainment, so you can add some extra fun to your viewing experience.

Personalized recommendations will help you choose what to watch. On the main screen, you'll see a selection of movies chosen according to your tastes. You can also simply say, "Alice, show me a cartoon," or "Alice, find a good detective." The voice assistant will search the entire Internet, including all the online movie theaters it knows and other streaming platforms. 

The viewing history is also displayed on the main screen for extra convenience. This means that if you didn't finish watching a movie, you wouldn't have to search for it again – it will already be on the screen.

Easy Control

You can easily control the TV with the remote - just press a button and tell Alice what to do. She can play a movie, pause it, or adjust the volume. And if you pair the TV with a Yandex smart speaker, you can control it all with your voice. No need to use the remote and get up from your comfy chair with a cup of tea in hand.

The TV will also work with other smart home devices. For instance, in the "Home with Alice" app, you can set up a scenario where the curtains automatically close and the lights dim when you turn on the TV, just like in a movie theater.

Technical Specifications

These TVs come equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and everything you need to connect a gaming console, external speakers, or any other peripheral device. Both models have an AV input, Ethernet, three HDMI inputs, and two USB ports, as well as an optical audio output for a soundbar or home theater and a CI/CI+ slot for a satellite antenna.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Yandex TVs with Alice at Sulpak, Mechta, Alser, and other electronics stores. Customers will receive a three-month subscription to Yandex Plus as a special offer. With Yandex Plus, you can watch movies and TV shows on Kinopoisk, listen to tracks and podcasts on Yandex Music, read books on Bookmate, and earn cashback points that you can use for purchases, trips, and orders in Yandex services, such as Yandex Afisha, Eda, and Go.

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