Yandex upgrades its virtual assistant Alice with the YandexGPT 3 large language model

Yandex has integrated the latest version of YandexGPT 3 into virtual assistant Alice, making it the world’s first virtual assistant that’s fully powered by a large language model. This technology enables users to communicate with a more intelligent and thoughtful virtual assistant, capable of explaining complex concepts and understanding the context of a conversation. The next-generation Alice is available on most Yandex devices and platforms.

LLM-driven voice assistant

Alice now easily explains complex ideas and phenomena. The assistant can detail how a tornado forms or describe the technical differences between steam and ultrasonic humidifiers. This is possible thanks to the YandexGPT 3 large language model that has been trained on vast amounts of publicly available text data.

Alice can now address 95% of user queries, a considerable improvement from its previous 60% rate. In cases where it obtains information from the internet, Alice now cites the source of the data.

Previously, the YandexGPT-powered features had to be activated with a specific wake phrase, but now the assistant is fully driven by the neural network. Users can simply ask, "Alice, what's a good breakfast recipe?" and receive an AI-powered response. If you follow up with the question, “How much time will it take?” Alice will understand the connection between the two questions and answer accordingly, thanks to context-preserving algorithms.

Alice also understands nuanced queries and even asks follow-up questions — just like a human. And if you pause or get sidetracked, the voice assistant will wait for you to continue the conversation.

Additional features

For text-based tasks, there is a new service called “Chat with Alice” where you can draft talking points, slogans, and more. The service provides a synchronized and context-preserving chat experience across multiple devices, meaning you can switch between them mid-conversation or run multiple chats simultaneously without losing context or mixing histories.

Alice now has an advanced mode — Alice Pro — that's tailored to corporate clients and individuals seeking a more comprehensive generative experience. Using YandexGPT 3 Pro, the most powerful version of YandexGPT, Alice Pro gives detailed answers, provides advanced editing options, and manages queries with multiple conditions. Professionals in marketing, journalism, copywriting, and other industries will find those features particularly useful for adapting texts to various styles and formats and brainstorming creative ideas and concepts.

At home, Alice Pro can act as a virtual nanny, helping your child learn healthy habits and establish daily routines. From ensuring timely wake-ups and promoting physical activity to reminding them to brush their teeth before bedtime, the assistant will be there to help.

Additionally, Alice Pro offers educational quests and games developed by Yandex. These interactive experiences help children learn about science, nature, culture, and much more. The game narrative requires active participation and evolves based on the child's responses, enhancing their vocabulary development, logical reasoning, and mental arithmetic skills.

Responsible AI

 As we enhance Alice’s capabilities, Yandex remains committed to the principles of responsible AI development and usage. This ensures that the virtual assistant handles sensitive topics with care and provides sources of information.

 About Alice

 Alice is Russia’s top virtual assistant, with a monthly user base of 66 million. It operates on the robust YandexGPT neural network, providing a human-like interaction experience. The virtual assistant can be accessed via Yandex Station smart speakers, smart TVs supporting Alice, within Yandex’s apps and services, on Yandex’s homepage and through the text chat feature at


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