Yandex launches Neuro, a powerful AI product that integrates Search and Generative AI

Yandex has launched Neuro — an AI product that combines the strengths of its own search engine and a proprietary large language model (LLM). Neuro selects relevant sources from across the internet, while YandexGPT 3, the latest version of the company’s LLM, analyzes and summarizes the information into a concise response — with all the sources cited.

Currently, Neuro is available via Yandex Browser and the Yandex app to all users who have Russia set as their location.

Neuro answers queries that usually require sifting through multiple online sources. Users can always ask follow-up questions or clarify information in the chat. Neuro adapts to the context of the conversation and provides appropriate answers.

Neuro understands casual, everyday language, allowing users to ask questions in their own words. The service also supports pictures. For instance, you can upload a photo of a statue and ask Neuro about the urban legends surrounding it.

For answers, Neuro relies exclusively on real-time search results rather than a specific dataset. This ensures that the information it provides is always up-to-date, accurate, and relevant — Neuro can even retrieve data that appeared on the web today. Neuro’s LLM algorithms select and cite the sources, allowing users to explore the topic on their own.


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