June 10, 2008

Yandex Search For MTS Сlients

Internet, June 10, 2008. Yandex’s mobile search service is now available on MTS WAP portal. The newly launched service searches both the internet, and the mobile content at wap.mts.ru.

The content of any online resource is correctly displayed on any mobile device featuring a browser: every web site retrieved by the search engine is automatically converted into the “mobile” format.

The latest version of Yandex’s mobile search engine was announced June 6 this year. To start using the service, one should enter yandex.ru or a shorter m.ya.ru in their mobile browser.

There are no extra charges for using Yandex’s search service on wap.mts.ru. Clients pay only for their traffic according to their payment plan.

Most of Yandex’s projects and services, including Search, Mail, Maps and Market, have their mobile versions. In addition, Yandex offers two free mobile applications: Maps, a mobile navigation service, and Fotki, a mobile client application for uploading photos to the Yandex photo hosting service.

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