May 21, 2008

Yandex.Direct Reports Broken Websites

Internet, May 21, 2008. Yandex.Direct started alerting its clients, advertisers and partners, about website problems as they occur. Due to Yandex’s website availability monitoring, advertisers can now quickly deal with breakdowns without wasting their money on displaying ads with links, which lead to inaccessible websites.

Broken websites are reported to the owners via email or a text message. Yandex.Direct also has an option in settings to automatically stop an advertising campaign if links in the ads lead to a broken website.

The new functionality uses data from Yandex.Metrics and works only for websites that feature this tool. As soon as the system detects drastic changes in website statistics (a drop in the number of visitors, for instance), the website is immediately checked for availability. Any change in website status, whether it became unavailable or, on the contrary, was restored, is reported to the owner.

Yandex.Direct is the first and the largest ad-serving system for contextual advertising on the Russian Internet. Ads are displayed on the search results pages and on the pages of the Yandex Advertising Network.

Elena Kolmanovskaya, Chief Editor
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