March 28, 2008

Yandex Works Like Clockwork

Internet, March 28, 2008, 18:28 Moscow time (15:28 GMT). Yandex has launched an online what-time-is-it service. The Yandex.Vremya (Yandex.Time) service displays current local time for any city in the world and the time difference between cities*.

The exact time is available both on the service’s web page and in Yandex’s search results. Typing the search query for the current time in Caracas, or Kabul, in the Yandex search field displays the answer right above search results. One can figure out the time difference between two locations in the same manner, say, the two-hour difference between Argentina and Jamaica.

The Yandex.Vremya service works for both office and leisure. By default, in addition to user’s current location’s time, Yandex.Vremya displays time in the world’s three largest financial centers – Tokyo, New York and London. The user can replace them with others choices, for example, if you are heading to Sydney, your best friend is now in Davos, and your uncle moved to Kiev.

* In 1908, a century ago, Great Britain was the first to introduce the switch to daylight saving time for energy saving purposes. Russia first pushed clocks one hour forward in 1917. The next DST clock shift in this country is due at 2 AM this coming Sunday.

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