February 28, 2008

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Internet, February 28, 2007. Yandex can now find books by ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Now each book on Yandex.Market has an identifier – a webpage with publisher information and the book’s listings in online shops. Now books can be looked up by ISBN through Yandex search.

The author’s name typed in the Yandex.Market search box retrieves a complete list of books by this author. The book’s title will fetch identifiers of all editions sorted by popularity.

Crime and Punishment



«Customers wishing to buy several books can place their identifiers on the shopping list and then compare prices in different shops offering all books on this list,” says Sergey Burdov, a project manager at Yandex. “We are exited that many will find it useful. Russians have always had a reputation for their love of reading”.

Yandex.Market is an all-purpose online service for those who want to buy a product or a service in a time and cost-efficient manner. The service helps to find and choose products and compare prices. Every month, more than three million people shop at Yandex.Market. At the moment the Yandex.Market database has hundreds of thousands books.

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