November 13, 2007

Yandex Pays $2.5 Million a Month to its Advertising Network Partners

Internet, November 12, 2007. Today, Yandex reviewed the results of its Advertising Network performance. In the past year after the Advertising Network had changed the criteria of membership, its audience has tripled, the monthly number of conversions (a user click-through resulting in a certain action, like a purchase or a form submission) to advertisers’ web sites has grown by 340%, and its monthly payouts to advertising partners increased by 450%.

On average, the monthly earnings of each partner in the Yandex Advertising Network is 7,000 RUR* (approximately $280 USD). Total payouts to partners last month amounted to more than 63 million roubles (approximately $2.5 million USD).

Most of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian web search engines such as,,,,,,,, and participate in the Yandex Advertising Network. The advertisements of Yandex clients are also displayed on many popular content resources including “Iz ruk v ruki” (a classified advertising web site),,, and email and news services of

“We monitor the quality of the Yandex Advertising Network audience which is defined by two generally accepted parameters: number of page views and conversion ratio**,” said Eugene Lomize, head of the Yandex advertising technologies group. “These parameters are measured with Yandex.Metrica, a tool to estimate the quality of a web site audience and to measure conversion ratio for contextual advertising. According to our data, the quality of Yandex Advertising Network audience is similar to that of the Yandex search.”

Yandex.Direct is the first and largest contextual advertising platform on the Russian Internet. Its advertisements are displayed for millions of users on search results pages, as well as at the Yandex Advertising Network. The number of unique visitors at the Yandex Advertising Network is 1.7 times more than that at Yandex search. In October 2007, the number of ad displays on Yandex.Direct exceeded one billion displays per week and continues to grow.


* Excluding data on payments from, one of the largest communication portals in Russia, which joined the Yandex Advertising Network at the beginning of 2006.

** Conversion ratio is a percentage of users accessing a target web page where a user performs an action, for instance completes a form or makes a purchase.

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