September 18, 2007

The Unlimited Storage Space of Yandex.Mail Box Starts from 10 GB

Internet, September 18, 2007. Yandex announced that it has increased the basic storage capacity of the user accounts on its email service Yandex.Mail from 20 MB to 10 GB. Users will now be able to store more than 3 million regular emails.

Along with the storage capacity increase, Yandex is also increasing the size limit of both incoming and outgoing individual emails from 10 MB to 20 MB. The new limit will allow users to send several mp3 files or high-resolution pictures in one email.

“The modern Internet and the average email size continue to grow at enormous rates,” said Anton Zabannykh, the head of Yandex.Mail. “Yandex is staying ahead of the curve — and our competition — by increasing the standard mailbox size by approximately 500 times and by doubling the size limit for individual emails. Other email systems may not be able to handle a 15-20 MB email of course, but Yandex.Mail users will have no problem sending and receiving emails up to this size.”

Yandex will continue its long-standing practice of indefinitely increasing the size of its users’ mailboxes when they reach full capacity, and will now do so in increments of 1 GB.

Users wishing to sign up for a free email account at Yandex.Mail should visit the service’s Web site at

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