June 15, 2007

Yandex Studied Traffic Load in Moscow

Internet, June 15, 2007. Yandex released the study ”Traffic jams in Moscow”. The data are based on the statistics from Yandex.Maps service and cover the period from spring 2006 to spring 2007. The full text of the analysis is available here: http://download.yandex.ru/company/yandex_on_moscow_traffic_jams_summer_2007.pdf (available in russian only).

Last year every day Moscow experienced about 650 traffic jams, each traffic jam would stop around 1,500 cars. The average traffic jam duration was one hour and eight minutes. Within one month of the past year drivers would waste in traffic jams more than 11 hours, which totals to one and a half working day.

The worst days for drivers in Moscow are Tuesday and Wednesday. The easiest weekday is Monday.

Traffic jams that would fully paralyze the city occurred in winter 2006-2007 five times. Four times out of five, the reason was heavy snowfall or other natural disaster, the other reason was the New Year's eve.

In the beginning of 2007 the street that had the highest number of traffic jams was Suschevsky Val.

The total duration of traffic jams in the segment of Suschevsky Val from Savelovskaya overpass to Sheremetievskaya street from the beginning of 2007 was almost 40 days. And in the segment from Sheremetievskaya street to Prospect Mira, it was 33 days.

Six out of ten most overloaded streets are in the north of Moscow, in the North and in the North-East administrative districts.


The traffic information is provided by the information agency SMILINK. The sources of information are Moscow's road police (GIBDD), automated traffic detectors, the data from agency's own mobile service, and the data from the drivers call center.

Yandex.Maps service was launched in 2004. A year ago Yandex.Maps offered a new service, the map of traffic jams in Moscow. According to TNS Gallup in spring 2007 over 1,3 mln people in Moscow were using Yandex.Maps service.

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