May 22, 2007

Yandex Launches Search for Satellite Map of Moscow

Internet, May 22, 2007. Yandex features a satellite map of Moscow and Moscow region. Now it is possible to view Moscow and suburbs (Podmoscovye) in detail, down to individual buildings or cars.

Every Moscovite can look at the roof of their home by just typing in the address in the search field at Yandex.Maps. It is also possible to find other interesting objects; for instance, the query «Vernadskogo, 7» retrieves Moscow Circus, and «Bersenevskaja, 2» finds Peter's monument and its shadow.

In addition to the usual city scheme, Yandex.Maps now offers two new modes – ”Sputnik” and ”Hybrid” (a combination of satellite images and a graphic map). All regular instruments at Yandex.Maps work in new modes too. Thus, right on the satellite image it is possible to measure in meters the distance from the summer cottage community to the nearest river, and mark the point on the map with your own description.

The satellite map can also provide an update on the traffic situation. The actual image displays cars, of course, still in the moment of surveillance, but now the traffic jams in Moscow's center look like this.

Yandex.Maps service started in 2004. A year ago Yandex.Maps launched a new service — a map of traffic jams in Moscow. According to TNS Gallup, by April 2007, Yandex.Maps service was used by 1,3 mln Moscovites.

Satellite images for Yandex.Maps service are provided by R&D Center ScanEx. Most of Moscow's territory was photographed from satellite in 2006.

Samples of satellite images:

Luzhniki Stadium

Stadium in Khimki

MSU Main Building

Three stations square"

The Kremlin

VVC (All-Russia Exhibition Center)

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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