May 21, 2007

Yandex Will Pay One Million Dollars to LiveJournal

Internet. May 21, 2007. Yandex web and blog search is now available right at LiveJournal, one of the largest blog hosting services in the Russian Internet. According to the agreement signed by Sup and Yandex companies, starting from date Yandex search engine is being installed at the service.

The new option is available to any user – the search field is located on the main page of At one can access Yandex search both for the service's pages and for the whole Russian Internet.

The search results, provided by the engine installed at, display search advertisements from Yandex.Direct. The profits from advertising on the pages of the blog hosting service are shared between Sup and Yandex companies. The signed agreement is in effect at the least until the service, by means of contextual advertising from Yandex.Direct, makes the first million dollars.


”Sup” is a Russian online media company founded by Andrew Paulson in partnership with financier Alexander Mamut in the summer of 2006. ”Sup” provides web users with interactive resources that include the LiveJournal service, the largest Russian-language social network, and, the sports portal. The company also has advertising agencies Victory SA and +SOL.

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