April 27, 2007

Yandex Takes the Pulse of the Blogosphere

Internet, April 27, 2007. Yandex blog Search now has an instrument for estimation and measurement of public opinion in the Internet — ”Pulse of Blogosphere”. The new service makes it possible to learn about how much different events and persons concern bloggers, the most active segment of the Internet audience.

”Pulse of Blogosphere” is both a toy and an instrument of analysis. Journalists, political strategists, and analysts will be interested to know how one or another politician attracts attention, and how the Internet reacts to hot topics of traditional media. Marketing professionals can trace brand name mentioning and the effects of advertising campaigns. It is even possible to make a rating of football teams for their popularity in the blogosphere, or to track how slang words occur and spread out, or to monitor the popularity of various persons (see examples below).

According to Yandex, today there are over 2 mln blogs in the Russian Internet. The Russian language blogosphere grows faster than the worldwide blogosphere, it showed a 74% growth in the past six month, while the worldwide blogosphere grew only by 41%. If this rate of growth remains, in 2008 the Russian Internet will have 10 mln blogs. At that, bloggers in Russia keep being more active than foreign bloggers. 11% of all postings in the worldwide blogosphere come from the Russian speaking blog authors.

”Pulse of Blogosphere” – interesting examples:

iPhone and Nokia

The news about the expected launch of iPhone for some time made it more popular than the most discussed cell phone producing company itself.

Putin and Ctulhu

Due to the Internet conference with the President of the Russian Federation, the bloggers learned about what Ctulhu was. Interestingly, after the Internet conference the popularity of Ctulhu didn't decrease back to zero, it remained in the blog culture as a permanent character.

Popularity of cell phone operators

It is clear to see, how rebranding (the highest peak) bolstered the lead of the MTS (MobileTeleSystems) brand.

Media feeds

One can see when the events took place, and how their effects subsided.

Popular writers

One can see how striking was the effect of emergence of Pelevin's book ”Empire V”, with the parts of the book having appeared in the blogs before it was published.

Sony, LG and Samsung

The highest peak on the graph is the emergence of a popular test, where users would describe their cell phones.

Specialized Internet-editions

Preved and yak-tsup-tsop (slang and pop-culture vocabulary)

Football teams


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