February 27, 2007

Yandex Collects Questions to Dmitry Medvedev

Internet, February 27, 2007. Yandex begins collecting and publishing questions for the Internet conference of the First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the site questions.yandex.ru. Mr Medvedev will answer the most popular questions concerning the implementation of priority national projects and the current situation and future reforms in the key social spheres (health, education, housing, and agriculture). The submission of questions and voting process will last a week. The Internet conference will begin at 4 pm on March 5 in the editorial office of Izvestia. Answers to the questions will be published at www.rost.ru, www.izvestia.ru, and questions.yandex.ru.

Visitors of questions.yandex.ru can submit new questions and vote for ones already posed. The more votes a question collects, the the greater chance it has to be answered. Users can increase the importance of a subject by requesting their friends and people they know to vote for it via their blogs or home pages.

A continuously updated rating of the most popular topics by user votes is put up on the conference website. The most important subjects are highlighted in the way to make it clear at the first glance which subjects are of the highest concern for the Internet audience.

The partners of Yandex implementing the project of the First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s Internet conference are Izvestia and Priority National Projects portal. Internet users can submit their questions to the First Deputy Prime Minister at the partner sites (www.izvestia.ru and www.rost.ru). All questions received there will also be included in the database of the project questions.yandex.ru.

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