February 22, 2007

Half Hundred Yandex Cities

Internet, February 22, 2007. Yandex has updated its Yandex.Goroda (Yandex Cities) project — the rating of cities with high Internet penetration. The number of participant cities has reached 50. The ranking criteria for the Internet use in the regions now include the activity of local bloggers.

"The Internet in Russia's and Ukraine's regions keeps growing, and changes in the project clearly reflect this trend," comments Andrey Sebrant, Yandex Director for Special Projects. Each new participant of Yandex.Goroda is a city with plenty of active Internet users as well as its own reputable sites and local online mass media. The pages of Yandex.Goroda also reflect the attention Yandex pays to the regions: there are ever more options to display Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Afisha for specific cities, and the number of regional participants of Yandex.WiFi and Yandex.Tarif projects is growing."

The project Yandex.Goroda was launched in spring 2004 and has helped Yandex find partners throughout the country ever since. The project covers cities of various sizes: beside millionaire cities of Russia in Ukraine, it also includes, for example, Abakan with a population under 200,000 people. The pages of the 50 participants of the projects currently list 520 regional partners of Yandex. The regular releases of Internet Indices of the cities have become an original indicator of Internet expansion in Russia.

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