January 18, 2007

Yandex to Award Grants to 31 Scientists

Internet, January 18, 2007. On the New Year's eve, the jury of Internet Mathematics 2007 announced the winners of the contest. Of 156 applications submitted for the competition, 31 projects were selected. According to the conditions of the contest, Yandex will finance half-year research projects of the winners for a total amount of RUB 5 million.

The subjects of the winning applications are quite diverse. Some examples of the future research areas are "Content-based portrait image retrieval", "Enabling search over text collections in 18th-century Russian language", and "Substring decomposition for constructing similarity-search indices." The winners of Internet Mathematics 2007 are researchers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkov, Tyumen, Taganrog, Samara, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Voronezh, and Vologda. For the complete list of winning projects, please visit: company.yandex.ru/grant/news.xml.

This is the second Internet Mathematics competition held by Yandex. The key objective of this initiative is to promote scientific research in information retrieval and related subjects. For the purposes of the contest, Yandex provides access to unique data available to the company.

Internet Mathematics 2007 is part of Yandex program that aims to encourage scientific and educational research in information retrieval. Last year, Yandex held a contest of educational courses Class 2006, and the winning projects are now publicly available.

The authors of selected applications are to present the results of their studies to Yandex by July 1, 2007. As usual, the texts of all projects will be made available to Yandex users.

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