January 15, 2007

LiveJournal Accepts Yandex.Money

Internet, January 15, 2007. Starting today, LiveJournal paid accounts can be purchased using Yandex.Money. With the official agreement between SUP and the Yandex.Money payment system, the owners of LJ blogs now have a means of guaranteed instant paymentfor LiveJournal services.

“It is no secret that the use of paid online services in Russia is to a great extent limited due to payment difficulties,” states Ivan Zasursky, Chief Marketing Officer of SUP. “Yandex.Money is a convenient and easy means of payment, and it fits many LiveJournal users.”

With Yandex.Money, it is possible to make instantaneous direct payments for LiveJournal services on the Russian Federation territory. All Russian users now can easily get additional journal styles and customization options, as well as a wider range of features like creating polls, a LiveJournal.com e-mail forwarding address, picture galleries, etc. (for the detailed list of features, visit www.livejournal.com/paidaccounts/).

“LiveJournal bloggers are among the most advanced and active users in the Russian Internet,” comments Jane Zavalishina, CEO of Yandex.Money. “They make use of all the novelties from advertising tools to electronic train tickets, and we hope that they will appreciate the possibility of using Yandex.Money to enable full functionality of their favorite blogs.”


SUP is the Russian partner of Six Apart, the owner of LiveJournal.com. In accordance with the agreement, SUP has undertaken the responsibility to develop the Russian-language segment of the global community that is LiveJournal.

Yandex.Money is an online payment system – a dependable and handy tool to make instant payments for goods and services on the web. Every day, users open more than 2,000 new Wallets in the system and make over 10,000 payments for goods and services, from web-hosting and mobile communications to books and clothing.

Contacts: Yandex.Money Maria Gracheva, Marketing Director
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SUP Ivan Zasursky, CMO
Phone: +7 (495) 981-8000
E-mail: press@sup.com

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Michael Ushakov, Head of Yandex PR
Phone: +7 495 739-70-00
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E-mail: pr@yandex-team.ru

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