December 19, 2006

Addresses of Yandex.Direct Advertisers on Yandex.Maps

Internet, December 19, 2006. Yandex helps to find advertised products and services online and know their exact location in the city. If Yandex.Direct advertisers specified the address of their stores or offices, with just one click the users can see them on Yandex.Maps.

“Virtual business cards” (pages containing contact information of Yandex.Direct advertisers) were introduced two months ago. They are most popular with the users who do not need detailed information provided on companies’ sites. To confirm availability of a product or service, a phone call is enough. Others only need the address to visit the office, and Yandex.Maps help them find the way.

With virtual business cards at Yandex.Direct, numerous small companies that do not have websites are able to use all the advantages offered by online advertising. Statistics show that the option to specify contact information is most often used by advertisers in categories “Production and Supplies”, “Construction”, “Business”, and “Corporate Services”. Apparently, these are the segments where companies prefer personal conversations with potential buyers to written correspondence. The total number of categories that already include contact information in ads has already exceeded 500.

"Virtual business cards were introduced just recently, and although there was no active promotion, more than 13% of all Yandex.Direct advertisers already use this option," tells Anton Popov, project manager of Yandex Advertising Technologies Department. "Displaying contact information proved to be a highly efficient way of attracting customers. Some 3% of users that open the contacts page print it out, either to call or to visit the advertiser. Also, many people place calls directly from their computers and thus don'amp;t need a printout."

Yandex.Direct is the first and largest context ad placement system in the Russian Internet. Advertisements are shown on search result pages and Yandex Advertising Network participant sites. For an example of map linked to advertisement, use query "караказябра".

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