December 15, 2006

Yandex Personal Search: Make It More Personal

Internet, December 15, 2006. Today, Yandex released a new version of Personal Search software designed to find messages, documents, and other files on the user’s personal computer and in the local network. Version 2.5 supports search over databases of TheBat! email client (in addition Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird) and offers a pilot version of API to create add-ons enabling search over programs and files in various formats.

Those who worked with older versions of Personal Search are in for a small surprise: a new design of program output and an option to filter search results by file format help simplify the search task significantly.

The API makes it possible to add virtually any kind of module to the program to index arbitrary data sources, be it files on disks or email client databases. To make it easier for developers, the package contains documentations with samples of source code for some of the new extensions, like parsers for DjVu text files and TheBat! email messages.

“API allows to make personal search more personal – given that you or your friends have programming skills,” comments project manager Alexander Bykov. “Currently we offer a pilot version of API. It will help us understand what other developers need to create their own add-ons to Personal Search. We welcome comments and feedback and will try to take your suggestions into account.”

The first version of Personal Search was out released year ago. Today, more than 65,000 people use the program regularly.

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