December 5, 2006

Yandex Internet Search Cup Crosses Boundaries of Russian Language

Oslo, December 4, 2006. The first foreign-language Internet Search Cup under Yandex license is currently held in Norway. A new multilingual version of the Cup makes it possible to have Internet search competitions in any language. The partner is Kvasir, the oldest Norway’s search service, which undertook to translate the interface of the game and prepared the tasks. The final round of the contest, Norgesmesterskap i søk, will take place in Oslo on December 14.

The rules of the Norway Cup follow the traditions of the Russian contests: participants compete to find answers on the Web within the given time limit. There are no restrictions on the use of any search tools.

"Yandex-licensed search contests were held in many Russian cities, as well as abroad — in Ukraine, Belarus, the USA, and Israel," comments Natalia Ostasheva, head of search competitions. "Yet, while the Web has no national borders, it has language boundaries. It is good to know that our game has become truly international."

The Norway Cup has two stages: the first round and the final game. The hardest question in the first round was “Hvem var faren til Sigurd Jorsalfares andre kone?” ("Who was the father of Sigurd the Crusader’s second wife?") — just one player managed to find the correct answer. The easiest question was "Hvor mange utøvere deltok i OL på Lillehammer i 1994?" ("How many sportsmen participated in the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994?") with 68 correct answers.

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