October 10, 2006

Yandex Cup VII in Internet Search Begins

Internet, October 12, 2006. Yandex announces the traditional Russian Open Cup in Internet search. For the seventh time, everyone who has command of the Russian language and the keyboard is invited to participate in the contest. The prize fund of Yandex Cup-2006 is one million roubles.

Since the first search competition was held in 2001, the size of the Russian Internet has grown hundredfold. There are now search services handling special bodies of information – news, goods, images, dictionaries, music, addresses, blogs, etc. The growing amount and diversity of information makes Internet search an increasingly useful skill, and allows to set more exciting and challenging tasks for contest participants.

“Every year, from early January to late September we get letters with the mildest formula going something like ‘Dear Yandex, will you hold the Search Cup this year?’,” tells Natalia Ostasheva, head of the search competition. “The answer is yes, of course! The first game will take place on Friday, October 13. Enjoy yourselves and win great prizes!”

This year, the Cup puts up three money awards. “The Man Who Found Everything“gets a prize equal to the length of Ygyatta, in meters. Second place gets a sum equal to the area of the national park located in the north-west of Kyushu Island (square kilometers multiplied by 1,000). Third place gets a thousand per each waltz by Johann Strauss (father). All sums are in roubles. As usual, finding the exact amounts of each prize is a small warming-up before of the game begins.

The first stage competitions of the Cup will be held between October 13 and 28. The final contest will take place in Moscow in early December. The winner gets the Cup, the title of “the Man Who Found Everything 2006“, honor and fame, and the first prize.

Over the last year, search contests supported by Yandex were held in Moscow, Kirov, Lvov, Karelia, Altai, and the Far East.

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