September 28, 2006

Yandex Advertising Network Open for Tens of Thousands of Participants

Internet, September 28, 2006. Yandex announces changes in criteria for joining Yandex Advertising Network and invites new participants. All sites with daily audience exceeding 300 visitors will be able to display Yandex.Direct ads and make money from context advertising. The owners of sites that participate in Yandex Ad Network get half of the revenues generated by their ad spots.

Yandex Advertising Network, a system of context ad display at the Russian Internet sites, was launched at the end of 2005. So far, large sites with monthly audience of 100,000+ visitors and owned by legal entities could join the Network. Now Yandex has greatly expanded the range of potential Network participants: they do not need to register a company any more; it is sufficient to have a site with meaningful content and a small but quality audience.

The expansion of Yandex Ad Network will enhance target audience coverage for advertisers: their ads will be displayed at participant web pages with relevant content (the so-called theme advertising). All advertisers in Yandex Ad Network get detailed statistics of ad displays at different sites and have an option to block ad displays at any specific site, or to drop theme advertising altogether.

"The success of our Ad Network is driven by two factors: the quality of audience offered to advertisers and the tools for assessing the quality level that the advertisers have," tells Eugene Lomize, Head of Yandex Advertising Technologies Department. "This is ensured primarily by a policy of selecting quality platforms to participate in the Network, and secondly by the high quality of automatic matching of Yandex.Direct ads to the content of partner sites. It took us nearly a year to refine the technology for such matching, and now we are ready to work with an extensive circle of ad spots while maintaining the good quality of context communication.”

Yandex.Direct is the first and largest context ad display system in the Russian Internet. In summer 2006, the weekly turnover of Yandex.Direct exceeded $1 million and is growing steadily.

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