September 12, 2006

Yandex Grades Moscow Traffic Jams

Internet, September 12, 2006. From today on, Yandex will rate Moscow traffic jams on a ten-grade scale. Internet users in Moscow will see traffic load score and a special icon — "Yandex traffic lights" — on Yandex home page. The data are updated every five minutes. Detailed information on driving conditions and traffic jams in Moscow can still be found at Yandex.Maps.

The traffic jams scale is based on statistics accumulated since initiation of the Traffic Jams project. A score of 1 or 2 by Yandex scale corresponds to night-time or week-end traffic, and in this case the traffic light will be green. Work traffic is usually rated between 4 and 5 (yellow light). And when the red light is on, it may be a good idea to wait — or go by metro.

"For people in Moscow, information on road conditions is as important as weather forecast and exchange rates," says Maria Laufer, manager of Yandex.Maps service. "By looking at Yandex main page, the users can not just decide if they need to take an umbrella — but also see whether they should be going out at all."

Information on driving conditions is simultaneously updated on Yandex home page and on the Moscow traffic map that was put up on Yandex in cooperation with SMIlink information agency in late May 2006. Data come from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Moscow, automatic traffic detectors, the agency's own mobile division, and a drivers' call center. Tens of thousands of people in Moscow use the service today.

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