August 17, 2008

Yandex.Bar Now for Firefox Too


Yandex.Bar Now for Firefox Too

Internet, August 17, 2006. Yandex.Bar, a toolbar for more convenient online experience, is now available to users of Mozilla Firefox browser. A new software product offered by Yandex helps speed up their work with popular web services like search, e-mail, dictionaries, e-payment system, etc.

With Yandex.Bar for Firefox, users get all types of search existing at Yandex portal. The Bar enables one-click search in the news and city maps, web-site directories and online shops, blogs and forums, music files, TV programs and showtimes, and in all Russian-language Web. Users can also use Yandex.Bar for Firefox to complain about pages included in search results that do not meet the search query.

In addition to web search, Yandex.Bar for Firefox has a set of convenient features to access various Yandex services. Specifically, this includes finding translations or definitions of a highlighted word on a page, storing user bookmarks at Yandex.Zakladki, notifications about new messages at Yandex.Mail and new posts at Yandex.Lenta, and adding new RSS feeds from web-sites to Lenta. The Bar can also display the status of Yandex.Money account and local weather in any number of cities at a time.

"We realize that Yandex.Bar for Firefox is a product for the fairly advanced and therefore the most demanding segment of the Internet audience," claims project manager Alexander Bykov. "It isn't easy to meet their requirements, and we tried our best to do it. We are very grateful for any comments and suggestions regarding the program: to develop the next versions of the Bar, quality feedback is crucial."

According to Yandex statistics, the current share of Firefox browser users in the Russian-language Internet audience exceeds 5%. The first version of Yandex.Bar (for Internet Explorer) was released in 2000.

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