August 2, 2006

Yandex Personal Search: New Formats and Features

Internet, August 2, 2006. Yandex released a new version of its PC search software today — Personal Search 2.0. The new features include search in Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail databases, temporary files (cache) of the three most widely used Internet browsers — Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, and search in new file formats and archives.

Yandex Personal Search now offers easy search over the most popular archive formats (ZIP and RAR), compressed help and reference files (CHM file format), and archived web pages (MHT file format). Finally, in addition to files in the ultra-popular MP3 digital audio format, the application also makes it possible to find OGG files, its open non-commercial counterpart.

“The new features of Yandex Personal Search are an outcome of our joint work with the users,” tells project manager Alexander Bykov. “Most of the requests that we got were about adding a possibility to search over Mozilla Thunderbird databases, it is a popular e-mail client. Further development of the application will also go along the lines of users’ requests.”

Yandex Personal Search is a free software product designed for finding documents, messages, music, and other files on the user’s personal computer and in the local network. The first version of Personal Search was out in December 2005. Today, more than 50,000 people use the program on a regular basis.

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