June 1, 2006

News by Mass Media, Opinions by Users

Internet, June 1, 2006. In addition to the information picture of the day, Yandex.News now include users’ opinions regarding the news. Opinions are gathered by Blogs Search and are automatically linked to Yandex.News stories. The subjects rousing the largest discussions are displayed on special News in Blogs page.

If a story in Yandex.News is widely discussed on the Web, next to the story stats (total number of reports, video, audio) there is an extra link “In blogs: <number of opinions>”. For example, today’s hottest subjects are the International Children’s Day (1294 opinions at the moment of publication of this press release) and the Da Vinci Code (1073 opinions). The list of stories discussed by Internet users is also shown on the first page of the Blogs Search service, together with the most popular categories/tags and hot queries.

“News in Blogs is something like a people’s rating of official news,” says Anton Volnukhin, manager of Blogs Search service. “Try looking at the news from the readers’ point of view, their opinions may prove quite as interesting. And the Russian users do write a lot — although only 3% of the world’s bloggers are in the Russian Internet segment, they post 10% of all daily entries.”

Yandex launched its blogs and forums search in December 2004. Today, the blogosphere of the Russian Internet contains more than a million weblogs. The Blog Search processes close to 300,000 new entries daily, and this amount is growing. Altogether, Yandex Blog Search covers more than 57 million entries in various blogs and forums.

Yandex.News is a service that automatically processes and systematizes news, processing around 25,000 news reports daily and generating some 350,000 leads to partner media sites. Currently, the mass media database stores more than 12.5 million documents.

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