June 1, 2006

Yandex.Direct — a Million in a Week

Internet, June 1, 2006. The weekly turnover of Yandex.Direct context ad display system has exceeded $1 million. Over the two and a half years from the date when the system was put into operation, this indicator has grown a hundredfold.

The ad categories enjoying the strongest demand by advertisers and users are cars, real estate, and travel services. The most competitive categories (where the rates per click through to the advertiser’s site are the highest) are industrial machinery and equipment, real estate, and furniture.

Yandex.Direct is continuously expanding its coverage and improving the toolkit. Some of the latest additions are Autofocus (automatic keyword refining — currently a unique solution in the world), Autobudget (maximizing the number of visitors for a specified budget) and time of day targeting (allowing to display ads during a company’s working hours only). Yandex Advertising Network launched in December 2005 has provided a new product to paid search customers and an opportunity to make money with Yandex to site owners in the Russian Internet.

Every day, Yandex.Direct displays around 80,000 of ads from a dozen thousand clients. Paid search is the key source of Yandex’s earnings, generating about 80% of the company’s revenue in 2005.

Elena Kolmanovskaya, Chief Editor
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