April 27, 2006

Over Hundred ISPs offer “Right” Internet Tariffs

Internet, April 27, 2006. The number of participants of Yandex.Tarif project has exceeded one hundred. Now more than a hundred ISPs in twenty cities provide users with cheap and quality Internet access.

The project was launched three months ago with 20 participants. At that time, they were only ISPs in Moscow, the Moscow region, and St. Petersburg. Since then, 80 more ISPs have joined the project, so today “right” Internet tariffs are offered in Pskov, Rostov-on-Don, and Riga, and “Candidate Tariffs” exist in Ekaterinburg, Makhachkala, and Ryasan.

Since inception of the project, a number of candidate ISPs have revised their pricing policies and terms and conditions of service. For example, Web Plus (Saint Petersburg) and Vermont-IT (the Moscow region) have reduced tariff prices, and MediaLite (the Moscow region) has risen the traffic limit for fixed-speed tariffs to 20 Gb. After that, these providers were able to join the project.

“The process is gaining momentum, as we expected,” states head of the project Diana Trubetskaya. “Cheap broadband web access is no longer a privilege of the fortunate few: competition is getting stronger, ISPs are cutting prices and improving quality of service, and as a result, the number of Internet users is growing. We await new applications and will be happy to announce new participants of the project.”

The goal of Yandex.Tarif is to promote unlimited and inexpensive broadband Internet access. The project includes two types of offers: tariffs named “Yandex.Tarif” and “Candidate Tariffs”. “Yandex.Tarif” is an unlimited Internet access offer with a fixed subscriber fee not exceeding $30 per month and data transmission speed at 128 Kbit/s and more. Offers with relevant technical specifications but priced slightly higher fall under the category of “Candidate Tariffs”. Users can choose the most convenient tariffs for their region at the project website.

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